Happy Diwali 2019 : Shubh Deepavali Festival of Lights

Happy Diwali 2019, Shubh Deepavali Festival of Lights :- Diwali begins with the CHOTI DIWALI ( A Day before the Diwali) and closures with BHAIYA DOOJ ( Next Day of the Diwali). This year Diwali is on 27 October, which is Sunday and Billions and Trillions of individuals from everywhere throughout the India are sitting tight for this epic celebration.
On this occasion, people decorate their houses with lights, candles, rangolis, etc. and burn firecrackers enjoying the jest of victory of good over evil. Apart from this before Diwali people start cleaning their houses or offices. It is based a five days period where the night of Diwali is the darkest and is also the new moon night according to the Hindu’s Lunisolar month “Kartik”.

Some Interesting Facts About Diwali

  • Diwali is the most popular and widely celebrated holiday in India because it also marks the beginning of new year according to the Hindu calendar
  • Before the entering of new year, people clean their houses, offices, etc. as it is also said at Diwali night Lakshmi, Indian goddess visits the house
  • One day when gambling is considered as auspicious is this day… interesting no? It is seen that gambling at the time of New year is considered as a good luck sign, and it bring prosperity in your life
  • Along with Lakshmi Ji, Ganesh Ji is also worshiped as in Hindu beliefs he is considered as the God of good beginnings and remover of all obstacles
  • Just like in India, Hindus from Britain also celebrate this day, wearing new outfits, exchanging gifts and sweets and firing the crackers
  • The name of Diwali is taken from Diyas which is used to eliminate darkness

Reasons to Celebrate Diwali

1. Goddess Lakshmi Birthday: - Goddess Lakshmi is called the Goddess of wealth. Goddess Lakshmi incarnated on the new moon day. And this the reason to associate Diwali with Lakshmi.
2. Vishnu Rescued Lakshmi: On this day, Lord Vishnu as Vamana-avatar rescued Goddess Lakshmi from the prison of King Bal. And this what the another reason to celebrate this occasion and Worship Goddess Lakshmi.
3. Krishna Killed Narakaasur: It is said that Lord Krishna killed the demon king called Narakaasur on this day. Not only this he rescued 16,000 women from his captivity. This is probably the another reason to celebrate this day as Diwali.
4. The Return of the Pandavas: On this day, they defeated by the hands of the Kauravas at the game of dice (gambling). You all have heard about great epic ‘Mahabharata’; the day was the Karthik Amavasya, and they appeared from their 12 years of banishment. They celebrated this day by lighting the earthen lamps.
5. The Victory of Rama: On this day Lord Rama defeated Ravana, and it was the new moon day of Kartik. Ma Sita and Lakshman returned to the Ayodhya. On this day, the citizens of Ayodhya decorated the entire city with lamps. So these were the top reason to celebrate Diwali. We wish you and hope that you will make this day very special. Stay tuned to our website for much more news and updates.

When is Deepavali 2019?

Saturday, 26 October 2019 - Deepavali (Naraka Chaturdasi)
Sunday, 27 October 2019 - Diwali (Lakshmi Puja)
Monday, 28 October 2019 - Bali Padyami / Vikram Samvat (Kartika Shuddha Padwa)
Tuesday, 29 October 2019 - Yama Dvitiya / Bhai Duj

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Note: Deepavali is celebrated 1 day before Diwali in 2019 Diwali is an auspicious Hindu festival also known as “festival of lights.” It is celebrated every year in either autumn or spring and on its account there is an official holiday in India, Pakistan, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Trinidad, Tobago, Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius, Malaysia, Guyana, and Suriname. This festival is known as “festival of lights” because it signifies the victory of light over darkness or good over evil, hope over despair. Happy Diwali 2019, Shubh Deepavali Festival of Lights.


May the Beauty of Diwali Season fill your Home with Happiness...
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